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When Skylark was first founded, we were known as AV-Interiors. Like a stereotypical AV company, we thought acronyms for audio video systems was the way to go. Eventually, we changed it to AVi Worship to cater to church audio.

But it still wasn’t the right fit. It never communicated who we are… just what we do.

So we got serious about our brand. We bucked the trend of acronyms and audio video synonyms. And we sought out a brand that communicates the DNA that drives our team.

PHASE 1 :: Introspection

We asked questions.

What values unify our team?

What do we do better than anyone else?

Why does our company exist?

The answers were clear. And a few key things stood out.

  • We want to over deliver, be an extension of each client’s team, and provide a great work environment for everybody.
  • We listen.
  • We are professional and progressive.
  • Above all else, we value real character – hard work, honesty, and dependability.
  • We regard clients as friends.
  • We like to have fun.
  • We love our job.
PHASE 2 :: Wordsmithing

The acronyms had to go. We knew we needed a name that was short, logical, fun, friendly, and rolled off the tongue.

One name stood out – Skylark.

Skylarks have a historical place in music because of their elaborate songs. The Skylark symbolizes glad prayers, freedom, ardor, joy, and happiness. The collective noun for Skylarks is an “exaltation.”

It’s a good fit. One of nature’s finest musicians known for passion and fun.

PHASE 3 :: The Sketchbook

Visually, we needed something that communicates:

  1. Professional Ability and Progressive Technology
  2. Friendly, Family-like Customer Service that Cares
  3. Fun-loving Personality and Creativity

We believe the logo exhibits these 3 strengths through a balance of sleek hard lines, subtle yet intentional curves, vibrant green and calming charcoal, and the appeal of a bird as an icon.

So now we are Skylark. And we are here to serve your audio, video, and lighting needs.