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Serving Like Staff :: Designing for Volunteers

Two fundamental differences between Skylark and a typical audio video company are:

  1. We serve you like we are part of your team and church staff.
    We regard our clients as friends and family. We will mesh with your team and customize our approach to meet your culture. We will create less work for you and your organization.
  2. We design our AVL systems for your volunteers.
    There is no point in your church having a professional audio, video, and lighting system if only professional engineers can use it. We intentionally put extra effort into our designs to ensure they are easy to use with professional results.

This may sound simple, and it is. Often the best customer service comes down to simply putting in extra effort to increase customer satisfaction rather than trying to squeeze out extra profits.


Greg Bacus of (Oklahoma City, OK) says,

I am always quick to refer churches to Skylark when they ask about great AV companies that are in it for the bigger picture and aren’t out to make a quick buck off the church!  I value their integrity and appreciate all that they’ve done for

Scott Kingsbury of The Church at Battle Creek (Tulsa, OK) says,

I have worked with Skylark for 4 years on multiple projects ranging from our multi-million dollar worship center to a small chapel to the design/install of our new Midtown campus. These guys are professionals and are incredibly knowledgable about what they do! More importantly though, for me, is that they are men of high character who understand the needs of churches. They have NEVER tried to up sell us on a product we didn’t need or encourage to buy a single piece of gear that didn’t make perfect sense for our church and/or budget.

They have consistently gone above and beyond what they were contracted to do. They have replaced equipment that was out of warranty that failed at no fault of theirs. They check in on us regularly to make sure everything is still working properly. Bottom line… they stand behind their work and they absolutely value their customers.


Call: 1-888-365-7770

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